(Istanbul Echoes)

un film de / a film by   Giulia Frati


                                        100 minutes  -  Canada-  2017


Ils vendent de tout. Des tissus, de la nourriture, des rideaux… Tous le font dans la rue, à Istanbul. Depuis plus de cinquante ans, pour certains d’entre eux. Mais leur mode de vie doit changer. Comme leur ville qui s’embourgeoise rapidement et que les autorités veulent «moderne et propre». En cinq ans, les quartiers populaires y ont été détruits et les populations évincées. Pour ces vendeurs de rue, ce n’est pas que leur métier qui est en jeu, mais aussi toute une culture et ses traditions. Une préoccupation qui va aussi gagner la jeunesse du pays, en particulier un groupe hip-hop engagé. Rythmant son film par les bruits de la ville habilement mis en valeur, Giula Frati a suivi l’évolution de la situation sur près d’une décennie.

They sell everything – cloth, food, curtains – in the streets of Istanbul, and some of them have been at it for more than 50 years. But their way of life is about to change. With their city quickly gentrifying, the authorities want to create a “modern and clean” environment. In just five years, working-class neighbourhoods have been demolished, their residents displaced. For these street vendors, there’s more than their livelihood at stake: their entire culture and traditions are threatened. It’s a concern that comes to the attention of some Turkish youth, including a particular activist hip-hop group. Pacing her film with skilfully used urban ambient sounds, Giula Frati has followed this evolving situation for nearly a decade

                                    Scénario et Réalisation / Written and Directed by GIULIA FRATI    Directeur photo / Director of Photography DAVIDE STAMPA                                                                      Monteur / Editor CHRISTOPHE FLAMBARD    Musique et conception sonore / Music and Sound Design BRUNO PUCELLA                                                                       Mix ÉRIC LEBOEUF    Producteurs / Producers IAN OLIVERI  LUCIE TREMBLAY  MARC GUIDONI  MEHMET ALTIOKLAR                                       Productrice délégué / Line Producer VANESSA LOUBINEAU    Graphiste / Motion Graphic Designer CESAR CUBILLAN


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Giulia Frati was born in Italy and is currently based in Canada. She started making experimental films but then gravitated towards documentaries. Giulia's focus is to tell stories that highlight diversity, human rights and independent spirits. Her experimental sensitivity surfaces in her documentary work as a poetic and playful counterpoint to the important social issues she portrays. Her interest in building bridges between cultures has driven her to work on several co productions as director or producer. She is alsoan active member of Makila, a Montreal based media coop where she collaborates on multiple initiatives to support other filmmakers.


2005 - Pupa's Garden - 52 min, documentary
2001 - Mister E - 5 min, experimental
1997 - Sadisinfectenz - 2 min, experimental